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Our mission

Revì deals with upcycling, that is a form of recycling that gives greater value to objects related to the world of furniture and design. We redeem obsolete objects and furniture on commission for individuals but also for the furnishing of public locals, trade fair and exhibition set-ups.

The furniture and furnishing accessories are subjected a restyling process to be used again and enjoyed.

But the “core” of Revì is based on building collaborations with organizations that deal with “green”, recycling and the environment. This translates into concreteness. So the purchase of a piece of furniture can also generate a relapse in ecological terms.

We love and look for perfectly imperfect objects, which can be modified while maintaining simplicity, functionality and aesthetics, but above all that are good for the environment.

Who we are

Barbara Simone


Pasquale Bufi


Oreste Acacia

Web Developer

Giovanni Berardi

Video Maker

Our artisan team

Sedia Jatta


Mauro Caggianelli


Giampiero Lombardo


Antonio Altomare


Isa De Cillis


Angelo Mastrapasqua


Damiano Tempesta


Join us

Do you have a passion for making and would you like to join the team?

Do you Have a project in the drawer and would you like to make it happen?

If you are looking for answers to these questions or have more to ask us,
contact us or write us here!