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Restoring a piece of furniture has never been easier! Start by choosing the illustration, confirm your order and then discover the video tutorials for a step-by-step guided restoration.

Our illustrations

To make your furniture unique and precious, you can choose one of our illustrations printed on adhesive paper, very similar to the wallpaper ones. These are original illustrations and specially created by Revì, as you will see the theme we are inspired by is always “NATURE”, so you will find flowers, plants, water, earth, and all the elements related to it! You can receive it directly at home, together with the Restyling Kit and you will also be guided or guided with a few simple steps to apply the illustrated paper on your furniture make it truly unique!

Watch the video to find out more

Choose the one you like best

Each illustration has been associated with Vintage Paint colors, as you can see from the colored circles next to the images, so that you can repaint your furniture with harmony and with a color suitable for the pattern you have chosen.

  • By clicking on the selection image you will get the illustration you like best.
  • By clicking on one of the colored circles instead, you will select the Vintage Paint color with which to repaint your furniture.

After making these two choices, you will have completed your Restyling Kit custom kit in which you will find the illustration and the color you have selected along with all the needed accessories to let you go further with restyling.

More after you’ve bought the kit you’ll gain access to video tutorials available in this page

Click on the image to select it
Green Illustration
  • Natural White
  • Warm Grey
  • Dusty Green
  • Soft Grey
Milk Way Illustration
  • Soft Grey
  • Warm Grey
  • Delightful Plum
  • Natural White
Ocean Illustration
  • Natural White
  • Vintage Cream
  • Ocean Blue
  • Royal Blue
Retrò Illustration
  • Vintage Cream
  • Vintage Tea
  • Ocean Blue
  • Delightful Plum

The options do not include the color or illustration you are looking for for your furniture? Contact us here

Selected illustration
133 x 80 cm
Selected color
700 ml the yield is 7-10 m2
Now choose the quantity of your pattern
1 mq
2 mq
3 mq

shipping costs included


If you are here, you will surely have already received the Restyling kit directly at home and now you are finally ready to start the work of re-looking your forniture.

First watch this video to understand how to prepare the furniture and then color it.

1 Preparatory phase

The first thing to do will be to clean the surface of the furniture well.

To do this, need:

– denatured alcohol
– half a bucket of hot water
– a sponge
– a dry tea towel

At this point we can proceed with the cleaning as in the video.

2 Phase – First application

The advantage of our colors is that it is not necessary to sand the furniture to remove the old layer of paint, nor to spread the base!
They are already so adherent by their nature that it will be sufficient to apply the first coat directly on the previously clean piece of furniture.

Watch this video to get the best result right away.

3 Phase – Sanding

To make the furniture with a really velvety effect, pass the abrasive paper supplied in the kit, and massage gently as indicated in this video, this step is not strictly necessary, but if performed can lead to a really great final result.

4 Phase – Second application

After passing the first coat of color, lightly sanding the furniture and removing the dust of the color, we are ready to pass the second hand, if necessary regards the video to Phase 2 to follow the arrangements, otherwise proceed as done previously.

Also this time wait for the right time for the color to dry. Be careful because the color dries rather quickly, but only on the surface, for a job well done wait a few hours, even a day if you deem it necessary, it depends on the amount of color you applied and the size of your furniture.

5 Phase – Second Sanding

For some it will be the second, for others the first, but it is important to pass the fine-grained abrasive paper, supplied in the kit, to obtain a very smooth and pleasant to the touch final effect, as well as uniform everything.

6 Phase – The wax

After cleaning well with a dry cloth or slightly dampened your cabinet to remove any trace of dust, we proceed to the last step regarding the finish. The wax is an excellent element, to fix the color to the surface, protects it, makes it water-repellent and therefore can be better cleaned in the future. The wax Vintage Paint, and natural, odorless, so that you can use it at home, without necessarily opening the windows!

Watch the video for the application.
7 Fase – Applicazione del pattern

Bene, speriamo tu sia soddisfatto del risultato ottenuto!

Adesso, trascorso il tempo necessario per far asciugare bene la cera, possiamo passare all’applicazione dell’illustrazione che hai ricevuto insieme al Kit, in questo video vedrai come tagliare la carta adesiva su cui è stampata e gli accorgimenti da seguire per applicarla.

Guarda il video per applicare l’illustrazione Revì Art.

8 Phase – Satisfaction

Voila! Your furniture has been recycled, it has a totally new look, the new particular and natural color together with an original illustration, make it truly unique! Now all that remains is to apply the Revì Art tag that you found in the Kit that will give it a super professional final look, and will help us create the Furniture recycling community!

Continue to follow the tutorial, because basically there is a surprise for you!

Why apply the metal Revì Art tag?

Recycling is particularly important to us, you will have understood, so we believe that the best way to spread this practice is to make word of mouth.
If the Revì Art tag will be noticed on your furniture:

1- your furniture will acquire a more complete and professional look;
2- you will be able to talk about your experience, enticing other people to do the same!

This is the spirit of the true Circular Economy and only then can we really
help the planet!

To understand how to do it in a few steps, watch the video!

Follow the next step to discover the gift we have reserved for you!

1- Needed material
We advise a high-strength glue, but if you want to use a less aggressive one, it is better to use the vinyl type vinavil or similar.

Also procures:
– a cotton fioc
– a piece of scotch paper

2- Application
Dosing the right amount of glue on the back of the plate and then apply it to an area of ​​the furniture that is as flat as possible. Here are some sample photos.

3- Cleaning excess glue
After pressing the label firmly on the cabinet, clean the excess glue, which could come out of the edges of the label with the cotton fioc. First remove the excess glue with one side of the stick and then the rest with the clean side.

4- Fixing
At this point you just have to attach a piece of paper tape that is larger than the plate by a few centimeters, so that it does not fall off before the glue is dry. Attach it in the opposite direction to the plate, as in the photo.

Wait a few hours, preferably 24 hours, and once you have made sure that the label is well glued, remove the paper tape. And it is sparkling to give a touch of professionalism to your furniture.
Follow the next step to discover the gift we have reserved for you!


if you want more info on how to take a professional photo look here.

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